Azanta constantly looks for new licensing opportunities and partners with innovative products to supplement and broaden the product focus in our existing portfolio to address unmet treatment needs. Our partnerships are often based on distribution agreements, licensing agreements or acquisitions.

For unregistered products, we are mainly interested in innovative late-stage drug development programs of unmet medical need where licensor is looking for a partner for commercialization in the Nordic countries and beyond.

As a small and agile company, Azanta is mainly focused on niche products, where our flexibility and customer orientation give us an edge compared to the capabilities of larger pharmaceutical companies. For such niche products, Azanta may be interested in markets beyond the Nordic Countries.

Please contact Azanta with any product opportunity that you would like us to consider and we will invest our best efforts in providing our dedicated evaluation.

Azanta offers licensing collaborations on our radiation sentisizer Nimorazole as well as on Misoprostol for cervical ripening and induction of labor.

Please contact us for additional information about available markets.

For further interest in Azanta’s specialty pharma products or investigational cancer products, please contact your local representative or Azanta’s head office.

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