Share Information

Azanta A/S is a privately held company, operating under the CVR number 28108915.

Stock Information
Number of shares:  54,935,183
Nominal value per share:  DKK 0.1
Share capital:  DKK 5,493,518

Shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares:

LSI-1 B.V.

IP Cons ApS

Wholly-owned Subsidiary Companies:

Azanta Danmark A/S (Denmark)

Azanta AS (Norway)

Azanta AB (Sweden)

Azanta Oy (Finland)

Azanta France



Principal Law Firms

Brinkmann Kronborg Henriksen

Key dates

Founded by way of a merger 1 January 2009
Most recent capital increase 10 October 2017
Most recent Annual General Meeting 22 May 2018
Financial Calendar year-end 31 December
For further interest in Azanta’s specialty pharma products or investigational cancer products, please contact your local representative or Azanta’s head office.

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