We are happy to announce the acquisition of Azanta A/S by Norgine B.V. on 24 March 2020. Azanta becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norgine, and as a result of the transaction, Norgine acquires Azanta’s portfolio of products, including Angusta® for labour induction. Norgine has a direct presence in 12 European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand and has a strong track-record of successfully bringing products to market across Europe. Norgine also has a strong global network of partnerships in non-Norgine markets, and the acquisition of Azanta A/S further strengthens Norgine’s position as a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company. Read more


Azanta is a specialty biopharmaceutical company primarily operating within obstetrics, women’s healthcare, addiction medicine and oncology

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Corona statement

During the corona crisis, Azanta is following the advice and guidelines provided by local Government and Health Authorities. We are taking all active measures to help limit the spread of the virus, and consequently, events and travel originally planned for April and May have been postponed until further notice.

The current situation has no impact on supplies. Our logistics department is manned every day, and stocks are full. Orders continue to be shipped as planned.

Take care!