Azanta A/S

Azanta is an international specialty pharma company with focus on marketing specialty pharma products in the Nordic Countries. Azanta operates primarily within oncology, women's healthcare and addiction medicine, and currently markets a string of specialty pharma products. Constantly, Azanta looks for new licensing opportunities and partners with products to supplement and broaden the products in our existing portfolio and that at the same time addresses unmet treatment needs.  Azanta's portfolio of specialty pharma products funds the development of proprietary key cancer products from late stage drug development through to registration. Azanta's cancer drug development portfolio encompasses orphan designated products addressing unmet medical needs. Until registration, these products are made available within and beyond Europe on a compassionate use basis.

In addition, Azanta manufacture and register own niche specialty pharma products for near term commercialization.

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Azanta mission:

Make medicines available because life matters


Azanta A/S, Tranegaardsvej 20, DK-2900 Hellerup, Denmark, Phone +45 7025 9545, Fax: +45 7025 9546, Mail:

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